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Girls Arrested from Tortois Torture video

Teens arrested for Gopher tortoise torture:

Two girls seen on a Facebook video torturing and killing a gopher tortoise on July 16 in front of an Orange Park home were arrested Friday by investigators from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Jennifer Emoke Greene, 18, and a 15-year-old juvenile were both charged with felony cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor charge of taking, harassing, harming or killing a gopher tortoise, according to commission spokeswoman Karen Parker. Greene is in the Clay County jail on $55,000 bail.

The two were arrested about 11 a.m. at the younger girl’s home on Parkridge Avenue, according to Parker. The arrest comes a week and a half after animal rights officials in Nevada saw graphic Facebook video of a young gopher tortoise being burned, tortured and crushed to death and alerted Florida officials.

“We take these issues extremely seriously and appreciate the public’s help,” Parker said. “We received many complaints about the video and many calls to our wildlife alert number.”

The gopher tortoise has been listed as a threatened species in Florida since 2007, an upgrade from its previous “species of special concern” designation.

Clay Humane Executive Director Linda Welzant said the agency’s Facebook page has been humming with comments about the videos and the animal abuse shown on it.

“We are pleased the authorities acted so quickly and we hope this sets a precedent that animal cruelty should not be tolerated,” Welzant said. “Our Facebook and our email was getting a lot of feedback and a lot of outpouring from the community regarding this case and how upset they were.”

The graphic videos shows two Orange Park girls burning a small gopher tortoise, then laughing and cursing as they throw it down the street. The tortoise is doused with alcohol and lit as it crawls in circles through the flames. The tortoise tries to flee after it is doused again.

“Burn baby, burn baby,” one girl says as they light the tortoise on fire. “Now you are scared of us, huh?”

The second video is more graphic as one girl stomps on the tortoise until it is dead, with its organs squishing out. The girls scream in laughter.

“His heart came out with a bunch of grass,” the girl with the camera says as she laughs, then kicks the corpse. “He’s dead. That’s funny.”

A 16-year-old Ridgeview High School classmate and Facebook friend of the two girls told the Times-Union that he was disgusted when he saw the videos and downloaded them. When the girls began receiving negative comments on the videos, they removed them from Facebook. But the classmate reposted them. As the videos went viral, they caught the attention of a Las Vegas animal control officer who told Nevada Voters for Animal president Gina Greisen about them on July 15.

Greisen was one of the first to complain to Florida officials and said she was pleased with the arrests.

“We need to send a message to the world that this kind of treatment should not be tolerated,” Greisen said Friday. “On the Internet there are no boundaries and we were able to reach out. I hope it sends a strong message that not only is animal cruelty a felony, but people will turn you in.”

Greisen also thanked the classmate for saving the videos after the girls deleted them, saying that without his quick thinking, it never would have been investigated. She also thanked all the people who angrily protested the behavior they saw on the viral videos and called to log their protests with state officials as well.

Greisen implored parents to talk with their children about animal cruelty and the severe penalties they could face, adding that “this could be your kid” committing a serious crime in a case like she’s never seen before.

“Parents, where are you? Know what your kids are doing and talk to them about animal cruelty,” she said.

Welzant said animal-cruelty issues will be taken more seriously now that there has been more attention, and this incident will be discussed when her staff and volunteers present humane education in Clay County schools.

“State officials acting so quickly and the punishment coming down as a possible felony sends a message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated,” Welzant said. “In cases like these, we hope these young women get the help they need as well.”

Neither girl would comment when a Times-Union reporter went to the home last week and no one answered the door early Friday evening. One of their fathers told WJXT TV-4 they were remorseful and were raised better than that. He said the videos sickened him and they must face the consequences. He also said he took away cellphone and social media privileges.

If convicted, Greene faces up to five years in prison on the felony animal-cruelty charge, while the misdemeanor charge carries up to 60 days in jail and/or a $500 fine, according to commission officials. The 15-year-old’s case would be handled in juvenile court.

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Constrictor Ban Update

Hey everyone!

USARK has pointed me in their direction once more, as there is a public forum to voice your concern over the Lacey Act, which will ban us from transporting our pets over state lines…though it will be legal to own your pet in all states, it will be illegal to carry them to each state….this law is punishable by $100,000 fine, and up to 5 years in prison. 

so please fallow this link and comment about it. 

be professional and eloquent in your responses…only 500+ have commented…that’s about 1/3 of you reading this. so i know there are plenty of us out there. 

so please visit USARKs link, they provide you with all you need to know, and where you need to go to comment. 

I have! it wasn’t so hard. 

stick up for our scaly friends. they need us!

7 Cool Facts about Sulcata Tortoise | Pet Reptiles

USARK against the Lacey Act

hello all!

it’s been a wile sine All About Reptiles has written an article about anything. [we used to do one every day!] 

but i am sure a lot of you are aware and or affected by the recent snake ban that has passed the United States House and Senate.

now this ban is a very confusing thing to a lot of us.

how is it enforced?
how does this affect the medical treatment of our animals at vet offices?
how does this affect me? does it make me a criminal?
how did this get passed?
how does this affect my business as a breeder?

etc etc.

there is still a lot of fogginess around this bill and a lot of us do not understand  a lot of it, even when we try to learn more about it.

if it is something that affects your life, or something you are upset about and you do not have a resource please check out USARK’s site as they’re one of the only reptile organizations big enough to challenge this legislation on behalf of all of us. poke around and see what you learn

Thank You!

hello all!

i just want to take a moment to say thank you for fallowing.
Ruben the boa constrictor runs this blog and I help him, and we are the All About Reptiles Team.

and we never thought this little blog would grow so big, and be a reference for people to ask questions and explore their curiosities, as well as be apart of a blogging community.

we just lived quietly in our little apartment our whole life not really ever meeting anyone else who was a herper, or spoke reptile. so it’s nice to see you’re all out there and care as much as us!

we love talking with you, we love answering your questions, and we love looking at beautiful reptiles.

so please if you have any cool stories, are working on anything in the community, have a question, or anything let us know.

and stay cozy and warm.


you guys will like this

i know i dont normally post art here, but i though you all would like this

iguanas do love bananas

i know i dont normally post art here, but i though you all would like this

iguanas do love bananas

Utah desert tortoise

these poor tortoises…

let us know in our ask box what you think a good solution to prevent things like this from happening to amazing reptiles!



Goodness she has grown. She is definitely doing an amazing job in continuing her father’s legacy.

Bindi Irwin on wildlife conservation.

for both people and animals

Has anyone had the python ban affect their life?

I’d be interested in hearing your stories.
and sharing them on here if you leave them in a message.

Ruben the snake works very hard on All About Reptiles and recently we hit 1,000 followers!he wanted to be sure to thank all of you for fallowing and loving reptiles like him!he loves to answer your questions and see all the pictures!so thank you!

Ruben the snake works very hard on All About Reptiles and recently we hit 1,000 followers!

he wanted to be sure to thank all of you for fallowing and loving reptiles like him!
he loves to answer your questions and see all the pictures!

so thank you!

Atticus Finch wishes you a happy holiday season!

Atticus Finch wishes you a happy holiday season!

This is Figgy my Cherryhead Redfoot tortoise. He doesnt really mind the christmas hat and im sure this isnt animal abuse.

This is Figgy my Cherryhead Redfoot tortoise. He doesnt really mind the christmas hat and im sure this isnt animal abuse.

Lonesome George with his caretaker of 40 years, Fausto Llerena

Lonesome George with his caretaker of 40 years, Fausto Llerena